Midwest Industrial Metals Provides Scrap Collection Logistics

Midwest Industrial Metals is primarily known as a buyer and seller of non-ferrous metals. People may assume that they have to bring their scrap to our yard, but that is only one option. We also provide logistics to help industrial manufacturers, scrapyards and those in the demolition industry collect and gather their scrap in preparation for free pick up by us.

Logistics is a large part of our business. Our fleet of trucks includes van trailers, flatbeds and open-topped gondolas. We offer as part of our customized pricing a wide variety of boxes in all sizes, including roll-off boxes, luggers, pallett boxes, gaylord boxes and tote boxes as well as dump-hoppers for your facility. There is no job too big or too small. 

Once you fill up the boxes and trucking with scrap, you can either bring it to us or we will pick it up. We schedule drop-offs and pick-ups and confirm appointments and dock locations to reduce wait times. 

Midwest Industrial Metals’ customized and cost-efficient logistics services and pricing are another way we stand out from other vendors that do not perform scrap pick-up. For more information or to request a quote, call (773) 202-8202 or email us at sales1@mimrecycles.com.

Midwest Industrial Metals Provides Scrap Collection Logistics

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