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Green Features That Can Increase Your Resale Value

Selling a home is all about maximizing the return on investment. And when you are considering selling, it comes time to do some final improvement projects to increase your resale value. In today’s world, there are few things that add more resale value to a home than the addition of a few green features to

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How Can I Make My Home More Sustainable?

Now more than ever before, homeowners from across the country are asking themselves what they can do to increase the sustainability of their home. Sustainable homes are important and they provide a lot of good for both the homeowner and the world and environment around them. Sometimes the responsibility of sustainability can feel overwhelming though.

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3 Guidelines to Keep Your Employees Safe During Worksite Cleanup

When you work in an industrial, manufacturing, or construction job, worksite clean-up is something you’ll encounter. You may have metal recycling or demolition needs. It’s important to take steps to ensure everyone stays safe. Clean up can be just as dangerous as the building or manufacturing itself. Have Safety Training Sessions Conduct regular safety training

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COVID-19’s Impact on the Commodities Market

For a snapshot of how COVID-19 has impacted the commodities market, picture copper. Last March, copper prices dropped to their lowest level since January 2016 amid investors’ global panic over the coronavirus, which was rapidly reaching pandemic status. In May, copper prices experienced an uptick as lockdown measures were eased around the world and there

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Midwest Industrial Metals Provides Scrap Collection Logistics

Midwest Industrial Metals is primarily known as a buyer and seller of non-ferrous metals. People may assume that they have to bring their scrap to our yard, but that is only one option. We also provide logistics to help industrial manufacturers, scrapyards and those in the demolition industry collect and gather their scrap in preparation

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Midwest Industrial Metals’ Six Most-Wanted

Here at Midwest Industrial Metals, we’re all about trending on social media. We’ve noticed that the most popular blog posts are usually about the 10-Best This or 25 Things You Didn’t Know about That. In that spirit, we present our list of MIMs’ six most-wanted metals from A (aluminum) to Z (zinc). We buy and

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